Go To-U platform: who we are


How does Go To-U work?

Quick and easy access to a reliable charging platform is essential for every EV driver. We are developing Go To-U platform to deliver the best charging service together with our Partners, who own the charging stations. The approach goes far beyond the value of simply selling electricity. And this is why all the charging stations can be used for free! We value your time and we want you to be sure that booked charging station will be available on your arrival. We revolutionize the charging experience while providing unique system of reservation. Go To-U and Power the future!

Where can you find us?

Cafes and restaurants


Shopping malls

Gyms and SPAs

Hospitals and clinics


Private residences


Fuel stations


Mobile application To-U

Our aim is to make the usage of electric vehicle easy and comfortable. With the mobile application To-U you can easily find a spot to charge your EV. Our unique hardware reservation system allows you to book the charging station at the most convenient time. To-U takes your charging experience to a new level:

  • Find the closest charging station and plan the trip;
  • Book the time-slot to charge your car at the most convenient time;
  • Enjoy your spare time, using our Partner's facilities while your car is charging;
  • Receive the bonuses and exchange them for gifts.

Go To-U platform

For users:

Charge for free

Charge your vehicle for free while enjoying facilities of Go To-U Partners

Book the charging station at the most convenient time

Choose and book the charging station for a certain time-slot and be sure that it will be available once you get there

Simple and convenient charging setup

Use the platform without any access cards

Bonuses for using our platform

Collect bonuses and exchange them for presents from Go To-U partners
Go To-U platform

For business:

Loyal customers

Your business will attract new clients, who will spend time at your location while charging

Improve quality of service and company’s brand image

Charging stations will become a must-have for the high quality service, similarly to what Wi-Fi has become in recent years

Safe and reliable charging stations

In our platform we use certified charging stations from KEBA, made in Austria. These chargers are recommended by major producers of EVs

Thousands of EV owners

The number of EVs is rapidly growing. Do not wait and install the charging station now!